Advance Praise for A Path to the New World

A Path to the New World - Book Cover“My eyes tear at the first two lines of the poem, thank you for
– Jacqueline Matticks – Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

“Ben I read this poem in my tears, vivid in my heart.
Enlightened beauty, amazing poetry, I am moved, it is so
touching. It is like in a river flowing toward the Rainbow bridge,
gratitude. Arigato!”
– Minoru Emomoto – Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan

“Just cried reading it… you knew I needed these words so much
– Marilyn Slocum – Utica, New York, USA

“I love your poems, they are divine. They certainly are no crime
against rhyme. In fact I think they are sublime”
– Amita Wadhani – Indore India