Strong of Heart

My Goddess summons me

It is urgent this time

“Master it is time to start again

The elite’s plans

Are about to be fulfilled

They spout their revelations

They lie through their teeth

Although they profess to know the truth

Do not believe their lies

Their planes fill the skies with chemicals

Not so much to poison you

But to create the largest movie screen ever

Out of the heavens above

To project their lies to fool you

Into believing the end is near

Do not believe that the only way

To save your world

Is to have a New World Order

To be injected with a chip

To save you from disorder

The whole idea is

To have you beg and obey

Their every word and command

It is time to start again

This time without them

Beware the signs of the times

They project upon the screen

In the sky above

Beware the news of

An Alien Invasion

It is all a projection upon a movie screen

In the sky

Yes people are going to die

NASA’S space weapons are real

A show of force is the real deal

For humanity to believe that the New World Order

Is the only way to go

Will end their crazy show

And will begin the suffering

Of the death of humanity

For humanity to prevail

You must have courage and strength

They lie and deceive you

To keep you from the strength within

Your true God lives in your heart

Not in their testament

Of their holy books of deceit

Thousands of years have

Gone into projections of lies

And now it is time to begin again

You can not save your world

By standing idle by the side of the road

With love in your eyes

You will have to fight to survive

Tough love will win the battle

Nothing else will

They will throw everything they have

At us….and they have lots to throw

Nothing outside of you will save you

Only what you carry inside

Will save your day

Brace yourselves

It is time to start again

This is only for the strong of heart

The seeds of your new world”

Ben Sichkaryk






A Dead god Hides in the Dust

A rider on a black stallion
Kicks up the dust of hate and greed
In the dust with them runs a little red merle dog
Across the plains of Gaza….
Where a dead god through scriptures
Of war and hate and greed destroys everything
The dead god does not want the land
It just wants to appease his own
Anger and hate by destroying everything
Thousands of years after its death
A rider crosses through the dust
With his horse and little red dog
And cries for the stupidity
Of those who still honour a dead god
The dust streaks his cheeks
As the tears roll down…his leathered face
Why…why do I ride here now
I ride so that my tears may quiet
The dust of a dead god
To bring a new hope to the land
Of hate and anger and death
Where only the pages of the scriptures
Of a dead god….
Blow across the plains in the dust
To turn to dust as did the bones of a dead god
And the bones of those who still
Honour their dead god
There is no being to this dead god
Only the fading words of hate
Flapping across the plains
Of Gaza in the winds of change
I can only ride here now… with my two companions
I can not remove the anger and hate
From the dissenting people’s minds
As a dead god hides in the dust
Of their hateful hearts
While they preach to the rest of the world
Their hate, their anger and their greed..

Ben Sichkaryk


Never stop doing something you love to do because you had to do something you didn’t love to do!!!

The Begining

As the morning dew
Glitters in the sun
The earth now bathes in the
Of the universe
This truth bares miracles
The miracles change the world
This solemn fact opens a new
In the history of mankind
Whosoever realizes this great change
The arrival of the
“Dawning World”
Begins to live in providence

The Gate Keepers

Traveling fast over
A flooded frozen waste land
Three companions
A man, his dog and a horse
Dead frozen eyes, blank looks
Glaring up at them
As they pass over wind blown ice
The steam rises from them and the
Wind takes it away with the snow
Quickly now, no time to waste
The worlds are separating….
The old and the new
The rainbow bridge is far off
On the split horizon
Ride hard…ride fast… there is no time to lose
Must make a path for
The others to follow
Some are hiding among the drifts
Wondering….why the hurry
Where is this crazy man and
His companions headed to…
Barely visible through the steam and snow…
The clatter of hooves brakes the silence
Turning back in the saddle to see
A rider… coming fast on a big powerful horse
Long beautiful hair streaming behind her
It is the Goddess of the gates
Waiting for her as she comes
To a sliding halt beside us
There is no time to embrace each other
They look into each others eyes
Smiling….they know it is time to go
The love is there…they are connected by it
There is an urgency hanging in the air
In a flurry of ice and snow
Again they move on into the frozen waste land
Racing time as they go
They must hold the gates open
On the rainbow bridge
There is a long line of souls spread out behind them
A glow surrounds the pair
Who ride in silence except for the whining of the wind
On they race to the gates
As fast as the bold and beautiful horses can
Traveling by instinct and the
Guidance of angels
The glow of the rainbow bridge
Begins to light the darkening sky
“Hurry Goddess of the gates
Hurry Master of Defiance”
Call their guides…”Hurry….hurry
The gates begin to close
Only you two can hold them open”
Racing as hard as they can now
Determined to get there in time
And hold the gate for those
Still on their way
Riding hard into the flow of love
Just in time….sliding to a stop
Both riders leap from their courageous mounts
To hold the gates of the rainbow bridge
Using the power of love
That is between them…
They stand firm
Adding to the glow of the rainbow bridge
Is the glow of their love
And the gates are stayed
For now……

Ben Sichkaryk