Strong of Heart

My Goddess summons me It is urgent this time “Master it is time to start again The elite’s plans Are about to be fulfilled They spout their revelations They lie through their teeth Although they profess to know the truth Do not believe their lies Their planes fill the skies with chemicals Not so much […]

A Dead god Hides in the Dust

A rider on a black stallion Kicks up the dust of hate and greed In the dust with them runs a little red merle dog Across the plains of Gaza…. Where a dead god through scriptures Of war and hate and greed destroys everything The dead god does not want the land It just wants […]


Never stop doing something you love to do because you had to do something you didn’t love to do!!!

The Begining

As the morning dew Glitters in the sun The earth now bathes in the Light Of the universe This truth bares miracles The miracles change the world This solemn fact opens a new Page In the history of mankind Whosoever realizes this great change The arrival of the “Dawning World” Begins to live in providence

The Gate Keepers

Traveling fast over A flooded frozen waste land Three companions A man, his dog and a horse Dead frozen eyes, blank looks Glaring up at them As they pass over wind blown ice The steam rises from them and the Wind takes it away with the snow Quickly now, no time to waste The worlds […]