Strong of Heart

My Goddess summons me

It is urgent this time

“Master it is time to start again

The elite’s plans

Are about to be fulfilled

They spout their revelations

They lie through their teeth

Although they profess to know the truth

Do not believe their lies

Their planes fill the skies with chemicals

Not so much to poison you

But to create the largest movie screen ever

Out of the heavens above

To project their lies to fool you

Into believing the end is near

Do not believe that the only way

To save your world

Is to have a New World Order

To be injected with a chip

To save you from disorder

The whole idea is

To have you beg and obey

Their every word and command

It is time to start again

This time without them

Beware the signs of the times

They project upon the screen

In the sky above

Beware the news of

An Alien Invasion

It is all a projection upon a movie screen

In the sky

Yes people are going to die

NASA’S space weapons are real

A show of force is the real deal

For humanity to believe that the New World Order

Is the only way to go

Will end their crazy show

And will begin the suffering

Of the death of humanity

For humanity to prevail

You must have courage and strength

They lie and deceive you

To keep you from the strength within

Your true God lives in your heart

Not in their testament

Of their holy books of deceit

Thousands of years have

Gone into projections of lies

And now it is time to begin again

You can not save your world

By standing idle by the side of the road

With love in your eyes

You will have to fight to survive

Tough love will win the battle

Nothing else will

They will throw everything they have

At us….and they have lots to throw

Nothing outside of you will save you

Only what you carry inside

Will save your day

Brace yourselves

It is time to start again

This is only for the strong of heart

The seeds of your new world”

Ben Sichkaryk






4 responses to “Strong of Heart”

  1. Lynn Coffey

    wow so well put hmmm

  2. mya

    Wow Ben… powerful stuff indeed. You are right of course, all healing has to come from within – one soul at a time. It seems impossible, but when we set aside the belief that ‘little me’ makes no difference, a difference WILL be made. Thank you for your wisdom 🙂

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