A Dead god Hides in the Dust

A rider on a black stallion
Kicks up the dust of hate and greed
In the dust with them runs a little red merle dog
Across the plains of Gaza….
Where a dead god through scriptures
Of war and hate and greed destroys everything
The dead god does not want the land
It just wants to appease his own
Anger and hate by destroying everything
Thousands of years after its death
A rider crosses through the dust
With his horse and little red dog
And cries for the stupidity
Of those who still honour a dead god
The dustĀ streaks his cheeks
As the tears roll down…his leathered face
Why…why do I ride here now
I ride so that my tears may quiet
The dust of a dead god
To bring a new hope to the land
Of hate and anger and death
Where only the pages of the scriptures
Of a dead god….
Blow across the plains in the dust
To turn to dust as did the bones of a dead god
And the bones of those who still
Honour their dead god
There is no being to this dead god
Only the fading words of hate
Flapping across the plains
Of Gaza in the winds of change
I can only ride here now… with my two companions
I can not remove the anger and hate
From the dissenting people’s minds
As a dead god hides in the dust
Of their hateful hearts
While they preach to the rest of the world
Their hate, their anger and their greed..

Ben Sichkaryk

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