It is a book of futuristic spiritual poetry. It came about from my contact with horses. The horses showed me that I was able to channel healing energy to anything, anyone, anywhere in the world. I was confused because I have never experienced anything like this before. I then enrolled in a holistic healing course called Serenity Vibration Healing, and wow, did the universe open up to me. The poetry started to flow.  I was sharing the poems with people all over the world. Their comments were powerful and they encouraged me onward and upward. Many began asking for a book. I thought to myself, I will wait until I have thirty poems and then promptly forgot about it . Again people asked for a book, so I counted them up, and I had forty two poems.  I started to look for a publisher. The book is now a reality. The second book has begun. The poetry continues to flow. The next title will be “Upon Entering the New World.” This path I am now on is truly taking me on a journey into a new world, a world of love and peace. A world where I have come to know the meaning of “Know Thyself”.  It is from the unknowing of who I am, to exploring  who I really am,  and what the world and the universe all has to do with me and what I have to do with them, my place here in the world and my objectives for being here. What is my purpose in this life?  I now believe it is to pass along a path to a new world and hope that others will follow me. I am beginning to get a sense of joy and bliss and excitement about being here at this time on earth, when time supposedly runs out, according to the Mayan calendar.

Know Thyself and be at peace as best as you can.


Strong of Heart

A Dead god Hides in the Dust


The Begining

The Gate Keepers